Kick-Ass Jewelry That’ll Stirrup Your Cowgirl Spirit!



My life, in many ways, resembles a
Spaghetti Western film.

Here’s how…

I emerged in the late 1960s, and was co-produced by an Italian.

After completing art school, I moved to the American Southwest and, typical of the genre, became immersed in a culture of minimal funds, gunslingers, outlaws, artistic camera angles, and raw, explosive action scenes. A low-budget, highly fluid, minimalist, creative lifestyle has been the result. Audiences have enjoyed it, and my jewelry has come to be held in high regard.

Like the cowgirls whose spirits also inspire my work, these pieces have integrity, grace, and spunk. Each Cowboy’s Sweetheart creation is a unique work of art intended to be worn and enjoyed for its beauty, and to rustle up that free spirit within women from all walks of life.

Semi-precious stones, sterling silver, copper, pearls, and leather are some of the materials carefully combined to create these collections.

Incidentally, I can be corralled to design custom pieces for any event: weddings, special occasions, rites of passage, or just ‘cuz. I am committed to listening to your ideas with consideration and attention when assisting you with the jewelry you seek. Your jewelry will be visually stunning!