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Fans Who Kick Ass

Have I mentioned, lately, that Cowboy’s Sweetheart fans are the best? Well, they are. Seriously. These people are adventurous, intelligent, creative, conscious, compassionate, and authentic… doing inspiring things in the world by pursuing their dreams… and I get to call them my friends! Periodically, I feature a fan here so the rest of you can be exposed to, and inspired by, their kick-ass-ed-ness. This is one such time.

Today’s featured kick-ass fan is Christy Wall. She and I got to chat about what makes her thrive at the work she loves:

Christy and Sol, the turkey vulture, in northern New Mexico.


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What In The Sam Hill Are Those? And Other Pressing Questions…

What In The Sam Hill Are Those? And Other Pressing Questions…

Left Brain: What in the Sam Hill are those?!  Right Brain: Don’t you love the juxtaposition? The hard, smooth surface next to the soft, fuzzy texture…   Left Brain: You have just deconstructed the charade of respectability I try to cultivate here.  Right Brain: The monochromatic composition is visually striking, don’t you agree?  Left Brain: Chroma-what?… Continue Reading

On The Banks Of Lefthand Creek

On The Banks Of Lefthand Creek

It’s been seven months since the floodwater ripped through our property, specifically my studio. The distance between my studio and the edge of Lefthand Creek used to be 20ft. Now, it is 5ft. The force of the flood eroded the banks in some places and left piles of rock, sand, and debris in others. Now,… Continue Reading

We Interrupt This Program…

We Interrupt This Program…

Like most residents of Jamestown, Colorado, my husband and I had little time to escape the rising floodwaters that ravaged the area in the early morning hours of September 12th. Though we live closer to the mountain community of Gold Hill, Jamestown is our address. Located one canyon south, our home and property have been… Continue Reading

Shooting From The Hip

I try to wake up with the sun, but I keep smacking the snooze button thinking ‘just a few more minutes…’ and only after about the fifth time do I roll out from under a pile of dogs and kitties to start the day. Is this so WRONG? Ultimately, I emerge happier, more confident, and… Continue Reading

It’s A Wild Ride!

Someone recently asked what I enjoy most about making jewelry. For me, making jewelry is deeply satisfying on many levels, and I am grateful that there are people out there that like what I create. That appreciation perpetuates the creative process within me. It is something I am both continually shaping and shaped by. To… Continue Reading

How to Charm the Pants Off Anyone …and live to tell about it.

Hale-freakin-lujah, people! First of all, the apocalypse didn’t happen, which means I can now share with you my latest little endeavor. Cowboy’s Sweetheart now offers these simple and inspiring charm necklaces. These sterling silver charms are hand-stamped and can be combined with each other or with stones to create a personalized and meaningful necklace for yourself… Continue Reading