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Fans Who Kick Ass

Have I mentioned, lately, that Cowboy’s Sweetheart fans are the best? Well, they are. Seriously. These people are adventurous, intelligent, creative, conscious, compassionate, and authentic… doing inspiring things in the world by pursuing their dreams… and I get to call them my friends! Periodically, I feature a fan here so the rest of you can be exposed to, and inspired by, their kick-ass-ed-ness. This is one such time.

Today’s featured kick-ass fan is Christy Wall. She and I got to chat about what makes her thrive at the work she loves:

Christy and Sol, the turkey vulture, in northern New Mexico.


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Shooting From The Hip

I try to wake up with the sun, but I keep smacking the snooze button thinking ‘just a few more minutes…’ and only after about the fifth time do I roll out from under a pile of dogs and kitties to start the day. Is this so WRONG? Ultimately, I emerge happier, more confident, and… Continue Reading

Not All Cowgirls Who Wander Are Lost …or A Discussion of Sparkly Things, Salty Things, and Sharp, Pointy Things

I have been rolling around the southwestern states, like a tumbleweed, in search of beautiful gemstones, inspired designs, jewelry trends, and raw material resources. This was no ordinary business trip. It was a business adventure! I met many wonderful folks who shared comments, opinions, experiences, and technical knowledge about jewelry. Also, there were margaritas. One… Continue Reading