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Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

Well, it was drier and hotter than a popcorn fart, the ground was crunchy dry, and there were wildfires all along the foothills of Colorado. Now it’s soggy. The torrential rain is both a welcome relief and a mixed blessing because with it comes lightning, which has sparked numerous small fires, and flash flooding, causing erosion, mudslides, and road washouts in the unstable, freshly burned area. The strut in my car is shot, which not only makes it feel like my wheel is going to fall off while driving these curvy, mountain roads, it is also expensive to fix. And now I shudder in dismay at the arugula in my veggie garden… It looks like someone took out a shotgun and decided to use it for target practice. Aaaaaanyway, despite the drama, I’ve been busy making all kinds of jewelry and attending all kinds of festivals, fairs, and markets this summer. Which is way more fun than wildfires. This month is especially busy with the Horseshoe Market in Denver on the 14th, the French Nest Market in Fort Collins on the 21st, and the Carbondale Mountain Fair on the 27th-29th. Now I’m sure you are all, “Woo!” and “Yay!” because this is when it becomes time to really ask yourself, “Which event should I go to? How can I show Cowboy’s Sweetheart the love?” To which I would have to answer, “Don’t hold back, people!”

So, please come see me this summer, I’ll have lots to show you!

Amy Fortunato (Boss Lady)

Happy Trails To You!

Did you catch the 75-foot float in honor of Roy Rogers in the Tournament of Roses Parade yesterday? What an elaborate tribute to the “King of Cowboys,” who would have celebrated his 100th birthday in November! Not only did the grand finale float  feature a 35-foot-tall classic image of Roy Rogers framed by a silver horseshoe… Continue Reading

The Grass Is Always Greener…

The first day of Spring is this month, which means melting snow will eventually be giving way to green grass. And St. Patrick’s Day, which means there will be little leprechauns giving away green beer… right? With all this green, I thought I’d mention the ways in which Cowboy’s Sweetheart has become more green, in… Continue Reading