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A Piece Of My Mine

I am a prospector of sorts, gleaning objects both natural and man-made, from the area’s mountains, old, abandoned mine sites, and flea markets. My studio has become The Home For Wayward Objects. It houses mostly old, weird, rusty things, which I collect, incorporate, and present in new and unexpected ways in my jewelry designs, transforming the ordinary into one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art. Usually, I combine these found objects and curiosities any old way I feel, while trying to achieve harmonious compositions with shapes, color combinations, and textures. But sometimes I get requests for custom pieces with strict criteria and guidelines. I looooove these. The challenge makes me feel like MacGuyver, having to be resourceful using everyday materials at hand! So far I haven’t had to incorporate duct tape or a Swiss Army knife…….  Recently, though, I had a request for a unique tenth wedding anniversary necklace. The husband is originally from England, and in that country the traditional tenth anniversary gift involves tin. Yes, tin. Not the most glamorous jewelry element. I am also given the lyrics to a song, the melody of which is his wife’s special ring tone on his cell phone when she calls. Also, she does not like to wear large, chunky jewelry. So with part of an embossed, antique, facial powder tin and some selected words from the provided song, (and some spit and some glue) I came up with this!

“You Can Always Sell Any Dream To Me”


Which I think is lovely AND unique. The words “You can always sell any dream to me,” are sealed under the set, translucent stone, and are visible but not obvious. I really love combining non-traditional jewelry materials with more traditional elements such as sterling silver and gemstones. It is a challenge both to me, to create something pretty that has a sense of meaning, and to the observer, to re-imagine jewelry as wearable art.

Amy Fortunato (Boss Lady)

I’m Not A One Trick Pony

Being a small business owner requires wearing many hats. It is the variety of responsibilities, though, that makes this one-woman operation interesting. At any time, I could be office manager, designer, boss lady, photographer, marketer, receptionist, production assistant, janitor, or shipper. It becomes especially interesting when I have to wear two hats at once, like… Continue Reading