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Conquering The World In My Undies

Conquering The World In My Undies

Making time to be creative is part of the natural flow of my day. Like many artists, I have developed several, tiny rituals to invite inspiration. I call it ‘Gathering My Totems’ and it goes a little something like this: I make myself a hot, frothy cappuccino, water my small garden and potted plants, greet my studio muse with gratitude, respect, and trust, light my favorite piñon incense, put on some classical music… And I get to work. By mid-day I meander up a wooded trail with my beloved dogs and eventually return to my studio for the afternoon. I’ve left out a lot of details, but that’s the gist of it. Some days I am so focused that I ignore things like eating and getting dressed… I call it ‘momentum’. It’s amazing how much one can accomplish in their undies. My surroundings and creative space provide, in addition to freedom from typical and traditional restraints, a sanctuary. In the summer, I leave the studio door open so I can hear the splashing creek and whirring hummingbird wings, and so I can better my chances of letting in a wild idea. What ritual and/or workspace helps you stay creative, productive and inspired?

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THE 2013 HALSTEAD GRANT… Be The Next Winner!

Well, it WAS Spring. I mean, it is still technically Spring, but it FELT more like Spring a few days ago than it does now. Spring decided, “Heck, I’m just going to go ahead and wrap this party up now!”…Which has me firing up the wood stove and wearing many layers of clothing… again. But… Continue Reading

Speed Shopping

We’re getting into the holiday spirit over here at Cowboy’s Sweetheart! It’s time to cozy up around a warm campfire and celebrate the small acts of kindness that brighten not just the holiday season, but everyday. Here’s a little last minute speed shopping tip for those of you who have already convinced yourselves there’s no time… Continue Reading

The Supper Committee

It’s true! I have assumed a small role in the newly formulated Supper Committee which will attempt to devise an all inclusive gluttony reduction plan by Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011. It has become abundantly clear that The Supper Committee needs to make the tough choices necessary to eat within our means,  just as American… Continue Reading