Kick-Ass Jewelry That’ll Stirrup Your Cowgirl Spirit!



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Meet Amy, owner/designer at Cowboy’s Sweetheart Jewelry, and read about what she might be doing when she’s not in her studio: Daily Camera

And from my customers:

Cowboy’s Sweetheart is run with care and respect for both the customer and the product’s materials. It is personal. For example, its creations and correspondances are heartfelt and include humor as well as concern for the world at large.

Cowboy’s Sweetheart puts deep thought into each piece of individualized jewelry. A piece that was handmade for me has changed my life! Wearing a meaningful saying on my wrist not only gathers accolades from others, but reminds me to be a better person daily.
– Joy

Every piece of Cowboy’s Sweetheart jewelry reflects the patience, love, creativity and quality that Amy has put into it. Each adornment she makes is a lovely work of art. I look for reasons to buy her creations.
– Anne M.

It is unique and creative, and it serves a unique niche in jewelry design. I also love that she uses recycled metals and items from nature. I LOVE it!!
– Leslie

Cowboy’s Sweetheart Jewelry makes a girl feel close to nature, with its beautiful colors and natural stones and metals. My daughter fell in love with it and couldn’t wait for her special birthday ring! I placed an order for me too!
– Mo

Cowboy’s Sweetheart’s jewelry is a reflection of love, compassion, dedication, and truthful living. Just being around Amy Fortunato has been a blessing in my life and to have a piece of her jewelry is a gift.
– Leah