Kick-Ass Jewelry That’ll Stirrup Your Cowgirl Spirit!

A Piece Of My Mine

I am a prospector of sorts, gleaning objects both natural and man-made, from the area’s mountains, old, abandoned mine sites, and flea markets. My studio has become The Home For Wayward Objects. It houses mostly old, weird, rusty things, which I collect, incorporate, and present in new and unexpected ways in my jewelry designs, transforming… Continue Reading

The Grass Is Always Greener…

The first day of Spring is this month, which means melting snow will eventually be giving way to green grass. And St. Patrick’s Day, which means there will be little leprechauns giving away green beer… right? With all this green, I thought I’d mention the ways in which Cowboy’s Sweetheart has become more green, in… Continue Reading

Not All Cowgirls Who Wander Are Lost …or A Discussion of Sparkly Things, Salty Things, and Sharp, Pointy Things

I have been rolling around the southwestern states, like a tumbleweed, in search of beautiful gemstones, inspired designs, jewelry trends, and raw material resources. This was no ordinary business trip. It was a business adventure! I met many wonderful folks who shared comments, opinions, experiences, and technical knowledge about jewelry. Also, there were margaritas. One… Continue Reading

Increase Your Earring Potential

I read, or rather misread, something in the newspaper recently. What I should have read were the words “Increase your earning potential.” But, of course, what I saw was “increase your earring potential.” Truly, there is no hope for me. But let us put that aside for now and focus instead on what I thought… Continue Reading

I’m Not A One Trick Pony

Being a small business owner requires wearing many hats. It is the variety of responsibilities, though, that makes this one-woman operation interesting. At any time, I could be office manager, designer, boss lady, photographer, marketer, receptionist, production assistant, janitor, or shipper. It becomes especially interesting when I have to wear two hats at once, like… Continue Reading

My New Website Goes Jingle Jangle Jingle

Well, I sincerely hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day.  I certainly did.  It was a full but relaxing day, with so much to be thankful for.  Cowboy’s Sweetheart is especially thankful for being spared from the flames of The Four Mile Canyon Fire in September, for this small business’s steady growth during a fiscally-challenged… Continue Reading

Luck O’ The Draw

March is my birthday month, people! Which is the weirdest thing because the same thing happened to me at this time last year. So odd! And you would think another birthday would be exactly the kind of thing that would freak me right the hell out, because… um… FEELING OLD! But it doesn’t, I feel… Continue Reading