Kick-Ass Jewelry That’ll Stirrup Your Cowgirl Spirit!

How to Charm the Pants Off Anyone …and live to tell about it.

Hale-freakin-lujah, people! First of all, the apocalypse didn’t happen, which means I can now share with you my latest little endeavor. Cowboy’s Sweetheart now offers these simple and inspiring charm necklaces. These sterling silver charms are hand-stamped and can be combined with each other or with stones to create a personalized and meaningful necklace for yourself or your sweetheart. I see them as thoughtful love letters. You won’t find the words ‘death’, ‘plague of locusts’, or ‘fire and brimstone’ on these charms. These charms are happy charms, intended to inspire and acknowledge, for example, ‘love’, ‘life’, and ‘beauty’. There are a variety of words, letters, stones, sizes, and symbols to choose from, or you can request a custom charm for an additional $2. Either way, you’ll surely show those false prophets how to properly accessorize with these!

These ‘Love Letters’ are made from recycled sterling silver. The charms are available in three sizes: Small ($24), medium ($28), and large ($32).
You can combine charms or not combine charms all day long!





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