Kick-Ass Jewelry That’ll Stirrup Your Cowgirl Spirit!

Luck O’ The Draw

March is my birthday month, people! Which is the weirdest thing because the same thing happened to me at this time last year. So odd! And you would think another birthday would be exactly the kind of thing that would freak me right the hell out, because… um… FEELING OLD! But it doesn’t, I feel as immature as ever. Anyway, lets talk about my birthday gifts, shallst we? Instead of green beer, which seems to be the official drink of March, you know what I would really LOVE? I would LOVE to see a photo of your favorite piece of Cowboy’s Sweetheart jewelry that you own posted here. YOU are the reason my business is able to exist at all. You allow me to do what I love. Clearly, this means that you are all geniuses (genii?), good looking, AND have fine taste. Seriously. Is this not the perfect gift idea? Because what will happen is, at the end o’ the month I will randomly select one o’ you to be the recipient of one o’ these, which is better than a kick in the head. See? March is also Customer Appreciation Month! Everybody’s happy!

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